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The Brothers Tsarnaev: The Lee Harvey Oswalds of the Boston bombings

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A speaker of Russian, he traveled to Russia and back on ultra-sensitive missions – supposedly without any spy services noticing. Yet it turns out that he was followed for years by the FBI! Framed for a murderous crime on a crowded street, exonerated by crime scene photographs, declared innocent by loved ones and by all who knew him, caught by police after being framed for “murdering a police officer,” gunned down by agents of the National Security State after his arrest to prevent him from proclaiming his innocence in court…haven’t we heard this story before? Are we talking about Lee Harvey Oswald – or the Brothers Tsarnaev?

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Fifty years ago, Lee Harvey Oswald was framed for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Today, the same National Security State that killed JFK still rules America, using the same tools of murder and deception. And it appears to have set up two “Oswalds” Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to take the blame for the Boston Marathon bombings.

The parallels between Oswald and the brothers Tsarnaev are uncanny.

First parallel: All three have been exonerated by crime scene photographs.

Eyewitness testimony established that Oswald must have been on or near the ground floor of the Texas Book Depository not the sixth floor “sniper’s nest” when JFK was shot. This testimony is supported by a picture of Oswald standing in the street outside the Depository as the presidential motorcade goes by.

Expert photographic analysis has revealed that the figure in this picture is Oswald, not Lovelady, as JFK assassination expert Dr. James Fetzer explains in his article “JFK Special: Oswald was in the Doorway, after all!

The photographic record of the JFK assassination, like that of the Boston bombings, not only exonerates the patsy, but reveals who really committed the crime.

Photographic evidence places Edward Lansdale, America’s top political assassinations specialist, and CIA agent and future president George H.W. Bush standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository running the JFK assassination. This evidence is discussed in the article “Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a CIA Hit Team?” by Richard Hooke and James Fetzer.

Photographs of the Boston bombing similarly exonerate Dzokhar Tsarnaev, who is seen in this photograph leaving after the bombing with his backpack still on.

If Dzokhar Tsarnaev was framed, that means that his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was also framed.

Crime scene photographs show us who really planted the bombs. The bomber was a member of a paramilitary operative team wearing black caps with identical skull logos. The photo below shows the bomber fleeing the crime scene without his backpack. That backpack has a white square on top. The paramilitary bomber is the only person in any of the photos with a backpack featuring that white square.

Here is the same backpack after the explosion.

So the Brothers Tsarnaev, like Lee Harvey Oswald, are innocent patsies. But Oswald, unlike the Brothers Tsarnaev, was able to speak for himself. After his arrest, and before being gunned down in the Dallas Police Department basement by CIA-linked mob hit-man Jack Ruby, Oswald said: “I’m a patsy.”

The Brothers Tsarnaev may never be allowed to speak in their own defense; fifty years after Oswald’s “I’m a patsy,” the National Security State appears to have learned that lesson well. Indeed, the Israeli doctors tasked with treating Dzokhar Tsarnaev in the hospital reported that “he may never speak again.” (Why were Israeli doctors assigned an American national security case? Perhaps for the same reason that an Israeli team of terror specialists flew to Boston, on a trip organized before the bombing, to take charge of the “investigation.” After all, Israel is the global “A Team” of false-flag terrorism.)

Dzokhar Tsarnaev did speak out, in a way, in his own defense by endorsing 9/11 truth before he was framed for the bombing. Using his Twitter account, he wrote: “Idk why it’s hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job.” That tweet, like Oswald’s “I’m a patsy,” may go down in history. It strongly suggests Dzokhar’s innocence. (Why would any Muslim who knew 9/11 was an inside job as 80% of Muslims do, according to polls want to commit terrorism whose only beneficiaries are Zionists and imperialists?)

Though the Brothers Tsarnaev will not be allowed to defend themselves, their loved ones are doing it for them. Their mother, father, and aunt all say they are innocent patsies, framed by agents of the National Security state.

Oswald’s girlfriend, Judith Vary Baker, has similarly exonerated Oswald.  

Listen to my interview with Judith Vary Baker.

Another Tsarnaev-Oswald parallel: They were Russian speakers who were shadowed for years by the FBI before being framed for a spectacular crime.

Oswald was not only shadowed by the FBI, he was actually reporting to the FBI on a regular basis during the years between his return from Russia in 1961 and his murder on November 24th, 1963.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev, his parents tell us, was shadowed for years by the FBI before being set up as the patsy in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The FBI, we may recall, is the agency developed by arch-criminal J.Edgar Hoover as America’s gestapo. Though most low-level FBI agents are honest, the higher-ups are psychopathic criminals mobsters with badges.

The FBI organized the plot and built the bomb that devastated the World Trade Center in 1993. FBI informant Emad Salem, who hatched the plot and delivered the bomb as part of his FBI duties, secretly recorded a conversation with his FBI handler protesting about how the FBI delivered a real bomb, not a dummy bomb as promised.

It is well known, even among mainstream scholars, that the FBI has organized virtually every “Muslim terrorist” incident of the past decade. As Judge Napolitano admitted on Fox TV, the FBI has been involved in at least 17 false-flag plots to attack America since 9/11.

Another uncanny parallel between Lee Harvey Oswald and Tamerlan Tsarnaev is that both were earmarked “enemies” (Tsarnaev a “radical Muslim,” Oswald a “communist”) who traveled to Russia on mysterious errands and both, according to official pronouncements, managed to pass completely undetected by the national security apparatus of both nations! In reality, both were being run by US federal agencies Oswald to feed top secret U2 data to the Russians to make the fake U2 shootdown plausible and destroy Eisenhower’s detente; and Tsarnaev to interface with CIA-Mossad assets in the “Chechen al-Qaeda community.”

Al-Qaeda-linked radical Muslims” in Chechnya are allies, not enemies, of the US. Their “terrorism” is entirely directed at Russia, and they are armed, trained, and sent on their missions by the US government. As I wrote in a recent article, the correct translation of “al-Qaeda” is “The CIA Database.”

So if Dzokhar Tsarnaev was a terrorist which seems unlikely he was part of a group controlled by US government agencies. But it seems much more probable that Tsarnaev was an Oswald-style patsy: A pawn on the grand chessboard who was deemed expendable, arrested, and then murdered to keep him from talking.

Like Oswald, who was murdered in the Dallas police station while in custody, it appears that both Tsarnaev brothers were in perfectly good health when they were arrested and then were shot after their arrests. Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s aunt has positively identified Dzokhar as the “naked man” arrested by Boston police, uninjured and in perfectly good health. And helicopter videos show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looking healthy and uninjured as he climbs out of the boat he was hiding in. (The government says he was critically wounded but look at the images yourself and decide.

Bottom line: The US National Security State and its Israeli handlers not the Brothers Tsarnaev is the real perpetrator of the Boston bombings…and the real enemy of the American people. The complete lockdown of Boston, which removed eyewitnesses from the streets and allowed the frame-ups and shootings of the Brothers Tsarnaev, is a taste of the kind of martial law and draconian repression that is in store for the American people if they do not rise up in rebellion against the criminals posing as their guardians.

7 Thoughts to “The Brothers Tsarnaev: The Lee Harvey Oswalds of the Boston bombings”

  1. Anonymous

    Government violence against Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev taints, perhaps fatally, all subsequent proceedings against the younger brother Dzokhar–especially, since the US Government has decided to proceed by way of leaked confession. Where is the court’s “gag order,” by the way?

    Lee Harvey Oswald was likely killed because he REFUSED to confess to JFK’s murder, and bore the marks on his face of having been struck in police custody. With or without the Oswald precedent in mind, young Dzokhar may well have sensed he was SAFER making incriminating statements than in proclaiming his innocence or declining to make any statement at all.

    But recall that LBJ thought thought a “deathbed confession” from Osward the best of all possible worlds; and called the trauma surgeon attending Oswald to get one!

  2. Anonymous

    Apparently he was likely stabbed in the neck, not shot –

    Notice when he says this, the look of the other guys around him. It is a look of, hey you’re not supposed to be saying that. Deviating from the script you might say….

  3. Anonymous

    A pattern is shaping up.

    Since the Boston bombing;

    "Toronto train derailing plot uncovered,Al- Qaida from Iran."
    "Iranian arrested in Kathmandu with fake Israeli passport,planning terror attack."
    "Hezbollah drone shot down of the coast of Haifa".
    All these nonsense stories are covered in Israeli media,but US and European MSM don't follow up.
    MSM is Rothschild controlled ,so these stories get buried.

    In the same time UK and US(Hagel today) are claiming Syrian Govt. used Chemical weapons(Red line)
    These claims are not followed up in the Israeli media.

    Like I said before,Boston was an Israeli operation against the Obama administration.
    Destabilizing the US is part of the war in Syria.
    Obama will counter this attack with Syria rebels throwing Israel-Syria border and the Middle East into turmoil.

    The war between Israel and Rothschild controlled Obama is becoming more and more open.

  4. Anonymous

    Isn't it strange how the "workers" started tearing down the "crime scene" on the left hand of the screen just after the bombings? Isn't that considered destroying possible evidence? and

    http://thevictoryhour… More

  5. And Jack Ruby, whose real name was Jacob Rubenstein, killed Oswald to shut him up, much like the Jewish doctors at Beth Israel took out DT's vocal cords to shut him up.

  6. And Jack Ruby, whose real name was Jacob Rubenstein, killed Oswald to keep him quiet, just like a team of Israeli doctors removed DT's vocal cords to keep him silent.

    Too many parallels and coincidences to ignore.

    The next question is: What is the next false flag going to be like?

    It will be in a MidWestern state and it will be big and bloody to keep us sheeple bleating for help from the same sickos that pulled off the False Flag.

  7. Anonymous

    TERRIFIC Oswald/Tsarnaev article, Kevin!!

    You keep outdoing yourself, my man! THANK YOU!

    About a photo: a number of times when I've seen various versions of the photo at link below, the Secret Service all looking towards Oswald in the doorway, I've wondered if he was yelling at them about the impending kill for JFK. I recently asked Fetzer about it, via e-mail — he was in Peoria a few years ago and I bought him dinner — but he hasn't gotten back to me.

    Judyth Vary Baker (with a "y") states that Oswald stayed in town despite danger to himself because maybe he could create a diversion, stop the plot.

    Do you know he had perhaps stopped the potential kill in Chicago a few weeks earlier? The book by the beleagured (framed, imprisoned) first black Secret Service man Abraham Bolden, "The Echo from Dealey Plaza," notes that Chicago authorities (some uncorrupted ones?) got a tip from "Lee" that an assassination plot was afoot.

    That might not have been paid attention to, except that a boarding-house landlady had called in a complaint about rifles-and-scopes in her temporary tenants' closet, just as Kennedy was supposed to arrive.

    (Why in heck is this photo labeled "Addams Family," I wonder?)

    The article of mine that you helped me correct now reads "the religion of Allah," and appears in today's paper. However, to get it published, the new editor told me the 350-word limit is a strict rule for everyone now — so I had to cut it down by half. Still got the main points across.

    Carry on!

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