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My latest Press TV slug-fest with a Zionist idiot (re: Philip Marshall assassination)

CIA killed Marshall for leaking 9/11 secrets: Dr. Kevin Barrett debates Lee Kaplan     – Press TV

Well this is pretty hilarious. I don’t know where you got this guy, but this is about the lamest excuse for an attempt to debunk a conspiracy story that I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard a lot of them.” 

3 Thoughts to “My latest Press TV slug-fest with a Zionist idiot (re: Philip Marshall assassination)”

  1. Anonymous

    Mr. Barrett-
    Great job in the face of abject lies and personal attacks by a Zionist gatekeeper. It is interesting that so many Zio-Americans live in Berkeley. In college I dated a woman whose mother was a high-powered lawyer in Berkeley and who, in what I can only describe as a mental lapse, intimated that she performed intel work for her masters in Israel – you can surely guess what intel group that is. After this experience, I have since noticed many defenders of Zionism emanating from that alleged bastion of liberalism that is Berkeley, Ca (interestingly, Berkeley has a parallel, large pro-Zionist population in Vancouver, B.C.).

    I do wonder if you have had the opportunity to peruse Lee Kaplan's "blog." It is filled with disinformation and vile attacks on anyone within his scope who does not swallow his relentless pro-Israeli blather.

    I also, want to alert you to something mentioned more than a few times by Norman Finklestein and earlier by the great Ralph Schoenman. These two men, both of whom had vast experiences in Israel, aver that ALL Israelis are anti-Arab; that the people of the so-called Israeli left are akin to faux New Age personas here in the U.S. They put on a veneer of openness and claim to be critical of Israel's powers that be, but protest only for show, and for ego strokes. Both men say it is impossible to live in Israel and be pro-Arab, in actuality, as the punishment for this traitorous worldview would be punishable by massive harassment by Israeli "authorities" as well as the overtly pro-Zionist populace. Finklestein has gone so far as to say a person would be routinely beaten, at least, for this act of cultural sedition!

    Having had many encounters with Jewish professors here in Austin, Texas, I find that these men and women (almost all of whom are under 40 years old), though "progressive" in their U.S. politics, are neo-conservatives when it comes to Israeli-Palestinian/Arab politics!

    Though I do not at all want to broad brush all Jewish-American academicians, I hope you are careful in your dealings with Jewish intelligentsia here in the states. We are in a time where it seems sides are chosen and many of these younger U.S. Jews have done kibbutz stints as teens where they became imbued with Israeli worldview; they seem to leave as really, well, cool people, but return —– mind controlled is the term that comes forth. They carry this experience with them into adult life and through their communications with people they grew fond of who are Israelis and reside in Israel, they receive and extol a message that paints them as subjugated globally-oppressed underdogs whose backs are constantly against the world wall, all due to Muslim extremists, their Muslim sympathizers and a general global populace that either does not understand their plight, or that is, to some degree racist, anti-Jew xenophobic.

    Now, as a Black person who happens to have and who has had many Jewish friends (my partner's grandmother performed intel work for "that agency" in WWII and came to the U.S. for her Master's studies at —- UC Berkeley!!! Her mother – my partner's mother – was schooled in private schools in Switzerland but rebelled against her Zionist mother, and after her Swiss experiences became a true hippie and a celebrated midwife here in Austin… I guess I got lucky! ) I have come to understand the distinct difference in people who grew up with Judaism as a religious faith, or at least as a religio-philosophical foundation, and those who are bent on destroying people termed "radical Islamists;" a term with a ever-widening berth.

    But that berth is widening rapidly. And for someone like yourself who is so outspoken and honest, you become a true danger to those who wish to continue to obfuscate both the history and the present of Zionism, its true aims and it's true philosophical underpinnings (underpinnings that are often religiously the opposite of Judaism!).

    Thank you for the work you continue to do.

  2. "Slugfest"? Please. Kevin Barrett is a wimp. He'd be trounced in a real slugfest. He obviously likes to think he's even a man. By the way, on the show in question, Barrett insisted Marshall had a head wound to the left side of his head when he was right handed, but the coroner said it was on the right side and consistent with suicide. Kaplan said Barrett probably made it up and Kaplan was right. So much for who is an idiot.

  3. It's telling that Lee Kaplan disputes the term "slugfest" as a description of our debate, but not "Zionist idiot" as a description of himself.

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