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“Operation Terror” filmmaker Art Olivier, Pentagon-9/11 expert Barbara Honegger

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 7/23/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Post your questions to my Facebook page. 

First hour: Art Olivier, writer and producer of the feature film Operation Terror. Art was Dick Cheney’s opponent in the 2000 election (Art was the Libertarian VP candidate). Unfortunately the wrong guy won. Now Art’s calling out Dick and his neocon friends for treason, via this fast-paced thriller, which was selected to compete in the 30th Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran.

Second hour: Barbara Honegger, former White House Policy Analyst, recently retired as Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey. During the last decade or so of her tenure there, she became one of the world’s leading experts on what did and did not happen at the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001. Barbara will give us the short version today. You can see Barbara’s powerpoint from the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings here.

4 Thoughts to ““Operation Terror” filmmaker Art Olivier, Pentagon-9/11 expert Barbara Honegger”

  1. Anonymous

    Good show, Kevin, as always. And — I'm in the middle of your Power Point, Barbara, but it's quite obvious your work is scientifically irrefutable!

    One way I'm occasionally getting correspondents past the incredulity hump about 9/11 Truth are the simple questions: How could the best-defended building in the world be hit by anything at all? New York had already been hit twice — why wouldn't the Pentagon be on highest alert — and certainly capable of deterring the impact of anything.

    I've gotten a few Truth Converts with that approach.

    I myself do recall the initial Pentagon photos and TV broadcasts before the roof collapsed (or was collapsed). There was good distribution on that for about a day. But like most people who are just laymen who know nothing about architecture or engineering, "that must be what happens" when a plane hits — whether it's the WTC or the Pentagon or almost whatever. It takes a bit of specialized knowledge to realize those damages are/were impossible. But by that time, people "don't wanna think about it."

    I tried to call in, but the call-in number to the left of the screen said the host had not arrived yet — so I presume your call-in isn't available now, Kevin?

    Okay, now I wanna go finish Barbara's Power Point — and then go distribute it — along with a plug for your show, Kevin.

    Ever in solidarity,

  2. Kevin, I heard you say you were downloading the movie "Operation Terror" … where did you find it to download from? I've been searching with google and can't find it anywhere.

  3. John, just go to and scroll down below the video image. Click on vimeo.

  4. Ah yes, I did view that clip, but it was just a 2 minute trailer … I guess I'll just have to wait for the full length version to be released, I think it said the release date will be 9/11/12.

    Thanks for the great show, fascinating listening as usual. A factually accurate thriller movie exposé of the 9/11 false-flag covert operation seems like an ideal way to promote or encourage consideration and discussion of the controversy around 9/11.

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