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Michael Collins Piper’s debut on Truth Jihad Radio (full two hours!)

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 1/6/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Guest: Michael Collins Piper, journalist and author. Mike Piper writes for American Free Press, “America’s last remaining real newspaper,” and is the author of many books including Final Judgment, High Priests of War, The Judas Goats, The New Jerusalem, Dirty Secrets, and more.

In this show we cover Mike’s magnum opus: Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy – THE book on the Israeli connection to the JFK assassination. We also discuss the sources of Zionist power in America – the topic of The New Jerusalem.

Michael Collins Piper is a longstanding thorn in the side of our dear friends over at the ADL. His research points toward Israeli involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing as well as the JFK assassination, not to mention the long list of false-flags designed to demonize Arabs and Muslims.

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  1. Chris

    Kevin, the last coupl'o days I've been cursing AFR for not archiving the last two shows….just discovered your "here" link is the problem; it is still pointing to the 2011 archive…

  2. The extent of Jewish influence was an 'academic' matter until they started using it to go after Muslims — except for White people who didn't like the Jews going after them.

    Younger Jews not so strong on Israel — this fact and worrying about it is a permanenet feature of Jewish life, but every generation gets more ethnocentric as it ages. Israel is not in danger of lack of Jewish or any support!

    Christian Zionists — they get nothing they want from the political elite except support for Israel. Jewry gets everything it wants from the political elite including support for Israel. Most of Jewry's core issues — race-replacement migration into America, abortion, 'tolerance', anti-Christianity, anti-Conservatism, etc., are in direct opposition to Christian Zionist tendencies and it's the Jews who get what they want. CZ's are totally ignored. Christian Zionists have no power.

    James Petras has written about the Jewish veto on America's war-machine. Well, they've had the veto on all issues relating to domestic social affairs for decades. Sure, if you would only talk about Israel, then talk about Zionists, but the problem really isn't Israel or Mossad; it's Jewry. It is Jews who own run the corrupt media, Jews who run the own and run the Fed, Jews who own and run the war party, Jews who own and run the porn industry, Jews who own and run Wall Street, etc. Yea, a little more hedging and qualification is appropriate but the basic truth of this picture is the issue that must be faced.

  3. Good show.

    Piper could do another two hours on JFK but there's another show I'd love to hear — Piper on the MLK assassination. In the archives at RBN there's a show where the write-up was obviously done pre-show and the intention was to discuss King's murder, but clearly Piper got sidetracked.

    I used a part of Piper's Final Judgement to support my argument, made contra Jim Fetzer and Carl Herman, that Jewry is a plausible suspect in the King assassination:

    Then, making the Palestinian issue much more solid, there’s Michael Collins Piper in Final Judgement who writes about Pepper’s findings:

    William Pepper has noted, in his book, An Act of State, connections between Jack Ruby and James Earl Ray's ubiquitous handler, "Raul," to a Mossad-linked arms smuggling operation that was active at the time of the JFK assassination. So that's a Mossad connection [to the MLK assassination] any way you cut it.


    Pepper's assertion involving the Mossad link to the arms smuggling operation involving Ruby is based on statements made to one of Pepper's investigators by former Colonel John Downie of the 902nd Military Intelligence Group, a unit based inside the Department of Defense.

    According to Downie, the mysterious figure "Raul"—whom King's accused assassin, James Earl Ray, claimed had helped frame him (Ray) for King's murder—was part of a U.S.-based international arms smuggling operation that Pepper had already determined—through other sources—involved Jack Ruby.

    The link between "Raul" and Ruby was by no means tenuous: "Raul" and Ruby were placed together by Pepper's sources on numerous occasions prior to the JFK assassination—five years before King's murder.

    /endquote Final Judgement

    Piper goes into some detail on this and related evidence that would be too confusing to post here. But then he quotes James Earl Ray in an early appeal conviction, claiming his handler ‘Raul’ was:

    among other things, an agent of a Mideast organization distressed because of King's reported, forthcoming, before his death, public support of the Palestinian Arab cause.


    And Ray again to the House Assassinations Committee:

    I don't want to get into this libel area again and say something that might be embarrassing to—disservice some group or organizations . . . he [King] intended, like Vietnam, to support the Arab cause . . . someone in his organization making contact with the Palestinians for an alliance.


    Ray is obviously an important witness for the Pepper thesis so these statements should be very significant to defenders of that book. If Ray is dishonest Act of State is much less credible, but if he was telling the truth, than his handler was an agent of the Mossad, anxious about King’s imminent declaration of solidarity with the Palestinians, and we have another potential Jewish motive for the assassination worthy of serious study.

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Dr. Barrett,

    After reading about a speech given by an absolute psychopath like Rick Santorum where he advocates murder and rape, and how he draws enthusiastics crowds, I'm VERY VERY glad we have people such as yourself who have some intellectual integrity.

    I heard your interview with Michael Collins Piper. The two books you mentioned, The High Priests of War and The New Jerusalem, I believe are two of his best. (He has two or three other good books also, such as Final Judgment, The Judas Goats, etc.) I remember this Muslim friend I had a few years ago who kept telling me that Jews control the media, the government, etc. I showed him The High Priests of War, which I discovered through the American Free press, and he really liked it. One day he showed me the front page of the Los Angeles Times. I don't remember exactly what the article was, but I recall suddenly understanding that it was completely biased pro-Israel nonsense, and then I started figuring out that EVERYTHING in our media is the same way. I truly wish everyone in the US would start reading books with intellectual content.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!


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