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9/11 Truth Rocks the State Capitol in St. Paul, MN – authorities fail to stymie event

Call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but…well, sometimes it seems like the powers that be are making things a little extra hard for people who organize 9/11 truth events.

Last Thursday’s film and $1,000 Debate Challenge at the University of Wisconsin-Madison drew a good crowd. That was pretty amazing, since the time and date – Thursday, Sept. 8th, 7 pm – also happened to be the exact time and date chosen for:

* The second most important entity in the world (the President of the USA)’s prime-time speech to the American people;


* The most important entity in the world (the Green Bay Packers’) first kickoff of the season, which also happened to be the nationwide NFL season opener.

So the thousands of professors who turned down our offer of $1,000 just to show up and defend the official story of 9/11 had a good excuse: They had to stay home and watch the Packers and/or the President.

We chose the date and time for our 9/11 truth event way back in April.  Did the Executive Branch and the NFL then decide to schedule their events at the exact same date and time in hopes of diverting attention from our event? It certainly seems unlikely.

And yet…

Today at the Minnesota state capitol, the powers-that-be, in the person of Gov. Mark Dayton (who knows the 9/11 Report is a pack of treasonous lies) chose to schedule their official celebration of the 9/11 Big Lie on the capitol steps…thereby blocking access to the capitol, and preventing many people from attending the 9/11 truth event in the capitol rotunda.

“They were supposed to leave an access corridor so people could walk up the capitol steps and enter the rotunda,” explained Michael Andregg, a Twin Cities peace and truth leader. Andregg said he didn’t know why the organizers of the Big Lie Celebration had chosen to completely block access to the rotunda and the officially-permitted 9/11 truth event inside.

In fact, I was still able to enter the rotunda, as were others, by ducking under the ropes that were intended to bar access to our event. Enough people figured out how to enter, by ducking under or going around to the back entrance, to fill the rotunda, take up all the available seating, and make it a standing-room-only success. But others did not figure out how to get into the building.

It was a rip-roaring event in any case, with a terrific introduction by emcee Bruce Stahlberg, great music by Diane Steen-Hinderlie, Rick Bernardo, and Gina Citoli, and blazing, impassioned speeches by Jim Fetzer, Farheem Hakeem, Mike Palacek, Mike Cavlan, Mark Novitsky and yours truly. I was blown away by all the talks and performances, but above all by Mike Palacek’s, which summed up the state of the union on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 more perfectly than I could have imagined possible. I will try to get hold of a text or video of that talk, which deserves the widest possible audience.

Thank you, Minnesota 9/11 Truth! The powers-that-be may block our way, but we’ll just keep finding a way around them.

5 Thoughts to “9/11 Truth Rocks the State Capitol in St. Paul, MN – authorities fail to stymie event”

  1. Anonymous

    Great Job Kevin and all the other 9/11 Truth Activists that participated in events all around the country. The unreal orgasim of "Patriotic Pablum" that has been filling the airwaves that last several days had just about made me comatose . . . I am so glad to hear that we have been well represented.
    Thanks Again!

    Bob B.
    Milwaukee, WI

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Kevin

    Talk soon. I am now committed to the idea of calling the corporate presstitutes full on, no holds barred traitors to our country. Yours in Truth.

    Michael Cavlan RN
    Candidate US Senate 2012

  3. Wish I could have made it! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks, Bob, Michael, David, not to mention Burt Berlowe and everyone else who made this such a great event.

    Update: The Twin Cities paper, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, published an idiotic story "Minnesotans stand together on Sept. 11" which completely ignored the huge 9/11 truth event in the capitol rotunda – which was not all that much smaller than the under-attended official event outside – and cited Gov. Dayton's genocidal lie about "hijackers." The liar and war criminal who wrote the story, Andy Greider Andy Greder tried to falsely portray a city, and nation, united in the false belief in the official myth of 9/11. But polls show that only 17 percent of Americans believe their government is telling them the whole truth about 9/11, while about one-third see it as an inside job. Worldwide, a clear majority leans to the "inside job" interpretation, as shown by the recent poll revealing that 89% of Germans don't believe the official account. There will be no shortage of politicians and journalists to prosecute and hang when the war crimes tribunals commence – probably in less than a decade.

  5. Anonymous

    This was my first MN 9/11 Truth event. YouTube is great but I wouldn't have missed this chance to see and hear all of you in person in our state government's most architecturally magnificent room full of like-minded citizens. Thank you Kevin Barrett and all the others! I managed to read Internet bios on all of you prior to the event which added an extra layer of human interest and understanding to my appreciation of what you all said. Kudos to MN 9/11 Truth and WAMM for accommodating all of us in such grand style on this extremely momentous occasion. Thank you! ~Joe V.

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