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TJ Radio goes international: Ian Henshall in UK, Tarpley in Tripoli – maybe Lamb too!

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 1/29/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Live from London: U.K. 9/11 truth leader Ian Henshall, author of 9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence reporting on Richard Gage’s triumphant UK tour. From Ian’s newsletter:

9/11 Sceptic Richard Gage takes London and Bristol by Storm David Aaronovitch, 9/11 believer, Promises Debate. Some 250 people braved a chilly Monday evening to hear world renowned US architect Richard Gage demolish the US governments’ version of 9/11 at the main lecture room in the Royal Institute of British Architects this week. The Times’ David Aaronovitch, a leading media cheerleader for the official 9/11 story, was present and accepted a challenge to debate the issue in public.The meeting in Bristol the next day saw an even higher turnout. People were turned away from the standing room only meeting at Colston Hall.

In contrast to the corporate media outlets in London, the local media coverage of the Bristol event included a front page article in the Bristol Evening Post entitled ‘911:The Bombs Theory‘, a double page spread and a leading article entitled ‘In Praise of Richard Gage’ who is described as a ‘brave man’. Richard Gage did an interview on Radio Bristol on the Tuesday morning and other local radio stations all covered the event including Jack FM, Bristol Community Radio and Ujimma Radio. As a result of extensive leafleting of the Bristol University Engineering Department and a mailshot to every Architechtural and Engineering practice in the city there was a good turn out from the professional community….

Second hour: Webster Tarpley reports from Tripoli, Libya — offering a very different take on events in that country than the one we heard from Gordon Duff last week! (Note: We may also get a report from Franklin Lamb, also in Tripoli, whose take on events in Libya also differs markedly from Gordon’s!)

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  1. Gage was attacked by zios here in the uk very badly but he is very convncing in his argumentation… shame he was not allowed to visit the uk campus where youth would have supported him

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