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Tuesday the Rabbi got wise: Rabbi Weiss of Naturei Karta joins the Kevin Barrett Show June 8th

Note: Rabbi Weiss was unable to appear on the May 11th show due to a time zone mix-up. He has been rescheduled for June 8th. Meanwhile, we are rebroadcasting an earlier interview with William Pepper, author of Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday, June 8th,
9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern) on, to be archived here a few hours later…

Meet Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Naturei Karta: Jews United Against Zionism.

The title of Alan Hart’s amazing trilogy says it all: Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. Gradually, more and more Jewish people are wising up to the terrible danger that the psychopathic settler-colonial movement known as Zionism poses for the future of Jews and the religion of Judaism. And one of the leaders of this “upwising” (as Swami Beyondanonda puts it) is Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Naturei Karta.

I met Rabbi Weiss at the Freedom Law School convention a few years back, and got reacquainted by way of a two-hour phone conversation two weeks ago. Rabbi Weiss is the kind of guy I would want as my Rabbi if I needed one. (I don’t, since I’m a Muslim and therefore skip the middleman and go directly to the Source.)

Rabbi Weiss is a good, G-dfearing man who has taken on a terrible burden by standing in the front lines against Zionism and the murderous, idolatrous fanaticism it represents. Still his heart is light and joyful, and his earnest, excited voice betrays the merry twinkle in his eye. This is a man who knows he is acting honorably in the sight of G-d…a man with a message that the world may finally be ready to hear.

4 Thoughts to “Tuesday the Rabbi got wise: Rabbi Weiss of Naturei Karta joins the Kevin Barrett Show June 8th”

  1. Terry Shepard

    These Rabbis are heroes to the Jewish people, because as you know, the zionist use the Jewish people as a scapegoat for their nefarious plans. I hope he appears

  2. Thank you Kevin for showing the world the difference between real Judaism and the murderous Zionists. To hear Rabbi Weiss's speech at our Conference on Zionism versus Judaism please go to

  3. Thank you, Peymon for introducing me to Rabbi Weiss!

    Islam's "command right action, forbid wrong action" and "if you see a wrong, do something about it, whether with your hand, your tongue, or at least in your heart" has a parallel in the Torah, which says to rebuke wrongdoing. A scholar once asked St. Francis "do I really have to scold EVERYBODY I see doing wrong?" St. Francis told the scholar to live a pious, Godfearing, holy life, and you'll be a living rebuke to the wrongdoers. Rabbi Weiss is a living rebuke both to the Zionists (whom he rebukes out loud every day) AND to those who attack the religion of Judaism. Obviously any religion that produces people like Rabbi Weiss has something going for it…which makes it even more tragic that a noble religion has been subverted by a racist, genocidal nationalism.


    William Pepper discussed Judge Garzon during this show. Unfortunately now that Garzon has been lynched by the forces of international organized crime, the plans to try Cheney & co. for war crimes will have to proceed elsewhere.

    "…after receiving complaints from countries targeted in such Spanish probes, such as Israel, Spain changed its law last year so that these cases now require a clear link to Spain…"

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